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A16 Studios is a boutique digital marketing agency located in Atlanta, GA. As an online marketing company, more importantly, we help our clients get found and get paid. 


Digital Marketing  + Web Design Expertise by A16 Studios

Every digital marketing agency thinks they are innovative and that they offer solutions. A16 Studios which is a digital marketing agency located in Atlanta focuses on exactly what problem you want to solve for your specific audience and your specific niche. That’s how we can help your business grow and help you win new customers, keep the ones that you have coming back, increase your traffic and ultimately help you get and stay paid. Because if marketing doesn't allow for the sales process to take place then it's worthless. Below are the services that we provide to help our client partners grow and thrive.


Brand Identity + Digital Strategy

A brand is a cultural connection between an organization and those it serves. Starting with a clear understanding of your audience, the A16 Studios digital marketing strategy process model results in a framework for how to tell your story in a logical sequence in order to achieve optimal results. 


Brand Strategy

 Tone, Voice + Messaging

Identity Systems + Guidelines


Copy + Art Direction


Integrated Campaign Development


Content Creation

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Digital Marketing




Drive traffic, build audience engagement, drive leads and cultivate long-term relationships with smart, cost-effective, digital marketing campaigns that focus on ROI. A16 Studios’s core digital marketing services and channels include:

          Search Engine Marketing: SEO & PPC


Paid Social Media Campaigns


Programmatic & Display Advertising


Social Media & Content Marketing


 Audience Acquisition


Conversion Optimization


Web Design + Development


We believe in beauty and utility, and that you shouldn’t have to choose just one. Cemented in user insights, our digital products are designed to facilitate meaningful interactions between brands and their customers. Wireframing, responsive design, user experience testing, prototyping, customer journey mapping, and UX optimizations.


Search Engine Visibility (SEO




Brand Consistency

Mobile Responsiveness


Ease of use


Usability Testing


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