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Local SEO refers to the practice of using citations from reputable websites and business listings in order to improve your websites ranking in local web searches. To simplify, if you are based in Atlanta, Georgia, a better local ranking will mean that your business features more predominantly in search results centered on Atlanta than search results centered on somewhere like Chicago.SEO is no longer just about reaching position #1. It’s about maintaining visibility when your competitors are also investing in search engine optimization services. All we care about is how much revenue and profit we can drive to your business via local SEO.

​As a leading SEO agency in Atlanta, we integrate traditional SEO elements with innovative new techniques. This helps to keep your business at the forefront of your industry at all times. Our fresh-thinking, creative teams will work closely together to fine-tune your strategy and keep competitors at bay. No matter what you require from our SEO services, we can help. As an innovative local SEO company in Atlanta, we believe in providing strategies that have maximum impact.

What is SEO?

Unfamiliar with SEO? It stands for Search Engine Optimisation, and it's the rules any site needs to follow in order to improve their search engine rankings on Google. Implementing the best practices is the ideal way to ensure search engines put your site at the top of the listings so it's more visible to those using your search terms. Take a look at our comprehensive services below to learn more about how we can improve your site's SEO.




Local SEO (Local Search Engine Optimization) is the process of optimizing your business’s web presence so that you show up when nearby customers perform a search related to your business. So if a person was searching for plumbers in the Grant Park area in the city of Atlanta, Google is going to list the top local businesses in that locale first. Therefore, any business that gets some or all of its customers or clients locally should consider local SEO. That could be a local medical clinic, dentist, lawyer, retail outlet, or restaurant, but it could just as easily be a local ad agency. If you have a physical address in a city and expect people to go there, you should be doing local SEO for that location.

How Does Local SEO Services Benefit Your Business?

Local SEO is highly targeted. A clear majority of local searches are conducted with the intent to find a specific business, service, or product – and this intent is even stronger for mobile search queries. By focusing efforts into a local geographical zone, you’ll be connecting your business to clients organically. Because local SEO is such an organic method that doesn’t rely solely on budget, it’s supremely effective for smaller businesses. Local SEO lets you rise up the ranks based solely on the relevance of your website and website quality, so a small budget won’t get in the way of your business achieving real results.

Here's a list of content tasks we typically complete to enhance the SEO value of your website

Link Building

Backlinks remain a top ranking signal for many search engines, and likn aqquisition can be an amazing way to build your credibility, our team has established relationships with sites around the world that allows us to ensure revelant place of line that will boost your rankings.

Content Marketing 

The important of content cannot be overstated. Unique content means better SEO results, and it means a better user experience. We'll help you find the perfect content for your site and ensure your potential customers will see it. Remember content is king or queen! 

On-Page SEO

What needs to be on every page of your website to ensure the major search engines can discover it? We will help your develop great content and complement it with the right source code to ensure you get the easy win your company needs when it comes to rankings.

Organic Search

Organic search translates to earned results, and it has the highest ROI potential of any other technique. It has the power to the level the playing fielf no matter how large or small your business, and we can optimize your site to help take advantage of those results potential customers see.

What’s included In our Local SEO Service?

Local SEO consists of many procedures that help in building the rank of your website in your limited surrounding areas. Let us describe some of the significant points in local SEO which we include while providing Local SEO Service.

On-Page SEO: On-page SEO is everything that you can do on your website to satisfy search engines and rank higher in search engine result pages (SERPs) for your specific targeted keywords according to your content. On-page consists of both HTML source code and your content. In the content of your website, you can use your keywords tactically as well as Meta descriptions, title tags, search engine-friendly URL’s, header tags and internal linking, etc. In On-page SEO, you have complete control of the factors that affect your rankings.

Off-Page SEO: Off-page SEO refers to all the activities or actions that you take away from your website or webpage to boost your site’s rankings in SERPs. It includes backlinks, social media marketing, and powers, guest blogging, building trust with other websites and leaving valuable comments, etc. Along with on-page SEO, off-page SEO also has equal importance in website rank building.

Creating Google My Business Page: Google My Business is a free tool for online businesses. Creating a GMB page for your business enables you to manage and update your online existence. It includes your business information, profile, categories, reviews, location, and much more. Your accessibility to users in your area, your keywords pertinence according to SERP’s and the ideas of people around your local area about your business are the core elements on which local SEO and GMB work.

Mobile Optimization: Mobile optimization is the technique to optimize your site to make it mobile-friendly. It ensures that users who access your site through mobile have a personalized experience according to their device by adjusting the website’s content. As optimized content varies and flows between mobile and desktop, mobile optimization helps the user have an excellent experience on mobile devices as well. According to researches, more than 80% of people use a mobile device to search the internet. Also, more than 50% of websites are using web designs that work on the computer and all mobile devices. That is why mobile optimization is so important. Mobile optimization is done by various methods that include image compression, using structured data, identification of non-mobile-friendly features, and much more. 

Competition Analysis: Competition analysis refers to the analysis of your competitor websites in your local area. It helps in understanding your competitors’ views and ideas that help in maintaining your plans and initiatives to be taken to rank higher in the SERPs of your location.

How Our Process works

1. Kickoff Call

We start with a kickoff call between you and your dedicated Marketing Executive to gain a full understanding of your brand and overall goals.

3. Strategy Planning

We put together an SEO / Content Marketing game-plan to make best use of your budget & achieve your goals. We then share this with you for feedback/approval.

Strategy Planning

5. Ongoing Optimizations

We enter the content marketing phase where we constantly build, publish, and refresh unique content for your brand. This all supports your top keywords.

2. Keyword Research

We do keyword research to identify the search terms most valuable to rank highly for your brand. We then share the research with you for feedback/approval.

4. One-time Optimizations

We complete initial, one-time optimizations so your site has a strong SEO foundation before we move to the content building and on-going marketing phase.

6. Analyze 

We constantly evaluate the data to make sure you are seeing the results you’re looking for. If not, we make immediate adjustments/improvements.

Frequently asked SEO questions


What is on-page SEO?

On-Page Local SEO refers to the practice of optimizing a website's individual pages to increase page rank, page authority and generate more relevant local traffic in search engines. On-Page Local SEO includes updates to both content and HTML source code on the page, but does not include external links and other external signals.

What is off-page SEO?

Off-Page Local SEO refers to all activity outside of the website to raise the ranking of a page within search engines. Link building, social media, and blogging is a prime example of Off-Page Local SEO, and creating shareable content are other great ways to increase Off-Page Local SEO.

Does SEO really work?

How did you find our site? Yes, SEO really works, when it’s done right and done well by a real agency. Like most websites, we get the vast majority of traffic from our organic search rankings, which have been achieved by using the same strategies and techniques that we use for our client’s sites, so their businesses get the same benefits ad more.

What industries need SEO the most?

If the goal is to rank in the organic search results and drive traffic to a website, businesses in any competitive sector are likely to require Search Engine Optimisation – simply because all the other sites in will most likely be using SEO to rank. But if your Local SEO is more effective, then you can make up a lot of ground on these other sites, and that’s where we can help you gain a competitive advantage.

How often should SEO be done?

For most of our projects, SEO is a process, something which is done continuously on a month to month basis. But there are also cases where we undertake an initial or one-off SEO project designed to optimize as much as possible in order to help improve rankings and traffic, and then let those changes take effect, although these projects are usually only successful in low-competitor sectors.

Are you a white hat SEO provider?

Yes. Our SEO services are founded in the latest best practices. There is no room for black hat SEO Gigs. We implement strategies that comply with Google's prescribed regulations and guidelines. We want to eanr your business and hopefully you can brings us more customers and work with us long-term so we don't want to jeopardize our relationship plus it's bad for our Google reviews :)

How long to see SEO results?

It depends on a number of factors such as current website stats, ranking placement & competition. Sometimes it can be 3 months but typically between 3-6 months which is why our contracts are typical within that range.

Can you guarantee a #1 page ranking on Google?

No, not within the usually 3-6 months contract. SEO is a marathon not a sprint. The money you are investing on SEO is so in the long-run you don't have to spend alot of money on running social media or Google ads to bring traffic to your site becuase SEO traffic is designed to be organic. Most companies that guarantee you a #1 page ranking on Google are lying to you. If they aren't them tell you to put in your contract that if they can't deliver on their promise then to refund you your money after your contract expires. But they won't :)



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