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3 Best Website Builders for Small Business in 2021

We know that websites are indispensable tools for the success of all companies today. The problem is that creating a professional website requires certain care and knowledge that not everyone has. If you are thinking about creating a website for your company or want to start over from scratch, the first thing to do is choose a development platform. Today, there are dozens of specialized services to help you create your website, requiring little or no previous experience but there is still a learning curve with each and many new platforms have hit the market since 2015 making choosing one a bit more complicated. To help you make the best choice, we bring together our experts in the development of websites, online stores and applications and list the best platforms for your website. Check it out below!


The first on the list is the most used Content Management Software(CMS) in the world. The WordPress is an open source platform (Open Source) very famous. According to the platform, about 24% of websites on the internet use the tool. This means that practically 1 in 4 sites is developed through WordPress, a very impressive number. Among its biggest benefits we can mention the fact that it is a free platform.

In addition, it has ready-made templates, so just choose one of them and add your content. Another positive point is that it is easily integrated with other tools, CRM , payment gateways and analytics platforms. There are also options for plugins to add functionality to the sites, but they can be paid for. A negative point is that installing many plugins can cause pages to slow down , as well as having an outdated version of CMS.

In contrast, open platforms have thousands of employees from around the world, constantly implementing new features. It also brings freedom, as there is a wide range of developers and companies that can give you technical support. In this way, we can say that WordPress is perfect for those looking for a quick, flexible and more economical solution. Ideal for those who will develop a content blog, institutional website and even a less robust virtual store.


Wix is one of the most popular platforms for creating websites worldwide that’s gaining market share fast. It is a tool that offers ready-made templates and is very simple to use. In addition, it has native integration with social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and others. The free version has the features mentioned above, but there are additional features that are available in your app store, the Wix App Market . And, although most of them are paid, they do not depend on monthly subscriptions, which generates some savings. Among the features you can add through these extensions are: Lead capture forms, Dropbox integration, Chatbot and many others. It is important to comment that regardless of the plan you use, the platform is mobile friendly, so your website will be responsive and SEO friendly.

Wix is ideal for beginners, as it does not require programming knowledge but it’s also capable of more complex features that larger companies need to have such as dropdown features for questionnaires and surveys and event booking, At the same time, it is also suitable for entrepreneurs who know what they want, as they can add separate modules within the app store to set up the ideal website. Further, the Wix platforms have thousands of templates available no matter whether you’re looking to for a design for your manufacturing company, barbershop, boutique hotel or business conference.

Because there are so many templates as well as the ability to start from scratch if you did desire to hire an agency to design a site for you it won’t be as expensive as using Wordpress. Wix has also launched Wix Editor-X which let you create even more responsive websites without having to type a single line of CSS. It has the same drag-and-drop functionality that the standard Wix Editor has, while letting you have a more immersive design experience on mobile and desktop.


Following the line of platforms that do not require programming knowledge, we have Webflow. The tool generates HTML and CSS codes in a professional way, through a visual interface, and is perfect for those who want to build a website, but do not know how to program. Webflow allows you to apply changes to the site interface without messing with lines of code. This allows adjustments and optimizations to be made in the course of development. It also gives you control over the content on the site, so you can publish and edit the content without difficulty. In addition, according to the platform itself, the generated HTML and CSS codes are as good or even better than those produced by programmers. Another positive aspect of Webflow is freedom. Because you do not need to use a ready-made template as in the previous cases, the website can have the look you want and the final result can also be exported and installed on its own server.

In summary, we can say that the main benefits of Webflow are: Ease of website construction Clean code generation SEO optimization Intuitive CMS Integrated lead capture forms Integration with E-mail Marketing In the end, we recommend the Webflow for those who want to have the freedom to choose what their page will be like. However, we also emphasize that, although programming knowledge is not required, the ideal is that interested parties master design aspects to create a functional project. Own platform Now that we have already talked about three different services for those who want to create a website and have no knowledge of programming, the time has come to reverse roles.

When creating a website from scratch, building line by line of programming, you have more customization options and can implement unique details. This is perhaps the greatest attraction of using your own platform. However, if you choose this option and are not the person who will develop the project, know that you will always be dependent on a good technical team to provide support and develop improvements. That is, if you want a unique platform, developed specifically for your website, you will have to count on the support of a specialized company that will do all the stages of the project. So, if you choose the latter option, be sure to find the best partner for your project. If you need help, we are specialists in the development and maintenance of websites and virtual stores of all sizes. Get in touch and we will help make the best choice for your scenario.

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