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A16 Studios ignited a fashion revolution. Organic traffic soared 392%, new users exploded 320%. This isn't just SEO, it's innovation. Experience the A16 difference.

Optimizing Middle Sister's website achieved explosive growth in sales. 


Middle Sister is an online women’s boutique that is always carrying the trendiest styles. This fashion label started out as a  Etsy shop and has quickly grown into a successful online fashion store. Over the course of our campaign so far, we have increased organic traffic by 392%Their chic and contemporary clothing and accessories are perfect for creating a variety of looks. Middle Sister is for women who live free, searching for wild passion and endless fashion inspiration.

A16 Studio's Middle Sister Case Study image

Forget the ordinary. Embrace the extraordinary.

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion e-commerce, Middle Sister emerged as a beacon of audacity. This wasn't your average online boutique peddling trends. This was a wild spirit, a fashion revolution born from the boundless creativity of a humble Etsy shop. But like any revolution, growth demanded more than passion. It demanded innovation.

A Challenge Worthy of Disruption:

A16 Studios, Atlanta's hub for impactful digital experiences, answered the call. We delved deep, wielding a six-layer SEO arsenal that would make even Elon Musk proud. ScreamingFrog, Ahrefs, Google Search Console – these weren't just tools, they were weapons in our fight against mediocrity.

The Enemy? A spammy link profile, a relic of black-hat SEO tactics that threatened to suffocate Middle Sister's potential. We knew brute force wouldn't suffice. We needed audacity, a strategy that defied convention.

The Plan: A symphony of innovation:

Phase 1: Seeding the Flames of Brand Awareness:

  • SEM Blitz: We stormed the digital gates, targeting high-traffic keywords and even boldly challenging competitor brands for their online audience. This wasn't just marketing, it was a declaration of intent.

  • Content Offensive: We unleashed a stream of captivating blog posts, each one a meticulously crafted gem designed to ignite the imaginations of fashion-forward women.

  • Keyword Alchemy: We transformed their keyword strategy, meticulously identifying low-hanging fruit and optimizing for high-purchase intent terms. Every click, a potential convert.

Phase 2: Building an Empire of Authority:

  • Link Reclamation: We banished the spammy links, replacing them with high-value connections forged through natural outreach. No smoke and mirrors, just genuine collaboration.

  • My Business Optimization: We transformed their Google My Business listing into a beacon of local relevance, attracting nearby fashionistas with laser precision.

  • Content Powerhouse: We amped up their content creation, 3-4 blog posts per month, each one a testament to their unique voice and style. Consistency is key, and we wielded it like a sword.

The Results: A Revolution Ignited:

Within 6 months, Middle Sister achieved their audacious KPIs. Organic traffic exploded by 392%, a testament to the power of our strategy. Google Search Console clicks soared from 2.3K to 5.3K, a symphony of eager shoppers.

But the numbers only tell part of the story. We awakened a loyal community, their best-performing piece garnering 1,200 new clicks after a strategic update. Their product pages became traffic magnets, with the best performer attracting a staggering 6.38K clicks.

Featured snippets became their playground, a testament to the SEO magic we weaved. Middle Sister, once an Etsy dream, now commands respect on Google's SERPs, a true leader in their niche.

This is more than a case study. It's a manifesto. A declaration that innovation, not convention, fuels true growth. It's a story of audacity, of defying expectations and rewriting the rules.

Are you ready to join the revolution?

Contact A16 Studios today. Let us ignite your brand, fuel your growth, and help you write your own extraordinary story.

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