198% increase in revenue made organically and 88% through direct channel search for Malare.

Malare has doubled their conversion rate from A16 Studio's SEO campaign.


Malare’s handmade designs use unique gemstones from all over the world and are made to measure for their clients. The goal of Malare is to provide pieces of art in the form of jewelry that helps to express the wearer’s individuality. They needed to pursue new strategies, including a focus on B2C sales, due in part to the COVID-19 pandemic, to reach new customers and continue to grow.

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Akash Bajaj knew that half of the battle would be getting in front of the right customers. His products could basically sell themselves as long as his marketing initiatives reached the eyes of qualified leads. This would mean that his website’s key pages would have to rank highly in the search results for the most competitive keywords aligned with his intended customers’ searches and intent.


A16 Studios began the SEO campaign with A16 Studios in January of 2021, just under a year after the global economy started to recoil from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was high time to find new avenues to reach consumers, and it began with keyword research. The thing is that a unique project like this would require a particularly lengthy period of time to research customer’s searching habits, intent and balance them with the competition.


It’s almost obvious that the online market for fashion is one of the most competitive in all of eCommerce; what that means is that creating a jumping-off point with target keywords is extraordinarily difficult. Targeting only the keywords with the highest volumes would be a course in frustration. Targeting only low-hanging fruit wouldn’t yield substantial results.


What our SEO experts had to do was uncover an assortment of keywords that was perfectly balanced with respect to competition and practicality. It would have to be a set of keywords that were not only well aligned with user searches but also not over-competitive. Our ultimate set of target keywords was expertly curated to represent the perfect harmony between attainability and competitive positioning. This would enable our team of SEO specialists to create both positive short-term movements while also enabling steady growth in rankings and traffic over time.


How an eCommerce SEO Expert Does It Once our team had a practical list of target keywords to pursue, our technical specialists could begin certain technical and on-page optimizations, many of which would require target keywords to be executed. At the outset of their SEO campaign, our specialists conducted a thorough audit of Advance Apparels’ website and structure, in order to lay the groundwork for the success that would follow.


Our initial audit was conducted with the intent to uncover and disavow toxic backlinks and to remove broken links; we fixed the errors as we found them, and adjusted the website as necessary to rectify any standing crawler errors to ensure that Google could index the entire website accordingly. We also audited their website for duplicate content that could negatively affect the online store’s rankings. It’s a common practice for eCommerce websites to reproduce manufacturer-generated content, especially on category and product pages, but it can be an issue because it can result in a penalty. We also audited their URL structures, ensuring that they were search-engine friendly and optimized.


With these preliminary aspects of the site audit out of the way, our technical specialists began a variety of other on-page optimizations, updating title tags and meta descriptions in accordance with our plan for the various pages of their website and how we intended for them to rank.


In addition to optimizing the H1 tags and meta titles, we also began optimizing the content on a variety of key pages on their website, editing for keyword stuffing and optimizing for recency, keyword density, originality, and overall value to the user experience of visitors. Category and product pages represent the bulk of opportunities for optimization on which far too many eCommerce sites do not capitalize. In many cases, they are the only pages that customers visit before making a purchase, and they provide prime real estate for content-based optimization.


The content team created a wealth of new, optimized content for Malare to utilize on several of its key pages. Product and category pages are not the only pages that enable eCommerce merchants to add a boost of optimized content to their websites. Blogging also provides a viable avenue by which online businesses can optimize their websites and furnish their users with new, insightful information. This also represented one pillar of our optimization strategy for Malare by posting a new weekly blog post.



One of the most straightforward ways to assess the results of eCommerce SEO services is by the growth in organic traffic that a client has experienced since the beginning of the campaign. It’s not customary to check results so quickly after beginning, but in the case of Malare, the results were uncustomarily almost immediate.


Organic traffic is directly related to a company’s organic rankings for keywords, and in the few months since the beginning of Malare's campaign, they’ve seen substantial bumps in organic traffic.These results might not be typical for most companies in the short term, but they are the types of results that we faithfully replicate for our customers, time and time again.


We also serve clients that are PPC-restricted, giving them tools by which to circumvent these impositions with substantial organic growth. Each and every one of our clients get a custom-built campaign that takes into account the unique situations surrounding their business, specifically, and their industry at large, nothing is opaque. In every way, we are true strategic partners for our clients that help them meet complex and ever-shifting obstacles in digital marketing.










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