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A16 Studios is a boutique digital marketing based in Atlanta, GA dedicated to helping business grow traffic and increase sales with our wealth of experience in providing end-to-end digital marketing services.

A16 Studios 

is recognized as a Top Web Design and SEO Company by
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Developing your content strategy and process around the customer experience is as close as we get to a canned methodology. 

Every digital marketing agency thinks they are innovative and that they offer solutions. A16 Studios which is a digital marketing agency located in Atlanta focuses on exactly what problem you want to solve for your specific audience and your specific niche.


That’s how we can help your business grow and help you win new customers, keep the ones that you have coming back, increase your traffic and ultimately help you get and stay paid. Because if marketing doesn't allow for the sales process to take place then it's worthless. Below are the services that we provide to help our client partners grow and thrive.




Product Strategy

Brand Strategy

Brand Messaging

Persona Research

User Journeys

Data Measuring




Information Architecture

User Experience Design

Interaction Design

Brand Design

Content Websites

eCommerce Websites


How We Help You Achieve Your Goals. 



Infrastructure Planning

WordPress Development

Kentico Development

Wix Development

Search Engine Optimization






Digital marketing services that drive real results

As a bespoke digital design agency, we produce beautifully crafted creative solutions that transcend business goals and garner recognition. Brands that have better digital ecosystems lead the world in business performance.

Pay-per-click advertising

As one of the most cost-effective advertising strategies — PPC offers an average return of $8 for every $1 spent on Google Ads — pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great choice for businesses of all sizes and markets. With this digital marketing service, you’re creating an advertisement that appears above  all organic search results. This feature is a great advantage over print  or outbound advertisements. With a print ad, such as a billboard or TV, you’re earning a massive amount of impressions, but gaining a small number of conversions. Plus, you’re paying an upfront, flat-rate fee, which can diminish your return on investment (ROI) and it's hard to track .In comparison, the only time you’ll pay for your PPC ad is when someone clicks on it.  

Content Marketing

A core feature of our online marketing services is our content marketing services This service is invaluable, as businesses that invest in content marketing sees five times more conversions than companies that don't invest in content marketing. A16 Studios takes a personalized approach to content marketing, which is why our team invests the time to learn your industry, audience, and business.

Also, we do more than write must-read content.We also engage in outreach, plus design custom graphics for your content. Our fabulous content marketing team optimizes your content for SEO too, which helps more people in your target audience find your blog posts, infographics, in-depth articles, and more.


SEO Services 

 There are 5.6 billion searches a month on Google daily. If you don't invest more money into SEO you're simply leaving money on the table. Organic traffic is the most valuable and important traffic. A website without traffic is worthless, but a website with the right traffic consistently flowing can take a business to new levels. Our SEO marketing specialists partner with you to identify your target market and get to work making your site more visible to your key market through our comprehensive SEO marketing services. 

Website Design Services

Your business is unique and you need a website that can help separate you from the competition. By focusing on the latest web standards while maintaining a keen eye for conversion-based design, the A16 Studios interactive team lays the creative groundwork for your digital presence with a cutting-edge website design. With our web design services, you can rely on our designers to create every page of your website. Whether you’re an ecommerce store, brick-and-mortar business, or online service provider, our designers can create the website that your company needs to reach, inform, and convert your target audience. As a full-service digital marketing agency, we also offer content marketing services to enhance your strategy.


Paid Social Media Advertising 

Only 25% of businesses use social media, yet it has an immense influence on user purchases. 70% of people use social media when making a purchase decision, whether they’re buying a pair of sneakers, a car or electronic. The average user spends almost 35% of their Internet time on social media. Social media marketing focuses on improving your online presence on social media platforms. Social media management prioritizes the experience of your followers. It provides them with relevant, high-value content, as well as lets them interact and engage with your team, which can improve brand awareness and loyalty. Many digital marketing services for social media will also include advertising. These ads work towards your goals of earning followers, as well as ROI. We  develop a customized social media plan that helps your company build awareness, increase customer engagement, and manage customer feedback and reviews.

A16 Studios creates content so subtle it doesn’t feel like marketing — just valuable content  create to exemplify your brand’s name — raising brand awareness, equity, and value in an organic, non-intrusive way.

We've enable great brands to scale to new heights. 

Our digital marketing services will help your business grow online w/more leads, calls, and revenue.


You already know that quality content is essential for results. We’ll impress your target audience by producing eye-catching content that delivers value and education.

Start with...


Google Ads

Facebook Ads 

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Making sure your traffic is converting is the business outcome that really matters. This is where we will dig deep to ensure we truly understand your buyer’s journey.

Start with...


Landing pages

A/B testing




Whether you’re in eCommerce or a service-based industry, retaining existing customers and encouraging them to come back for more is where the real revenue growth is.

Start with...

Content marketing 

Email marketing

Social media 




Now is the time to create lasting relationships with your customers. This means providing a personalised experience through the digital channels that they prefer.

Start with...

Marketing automation 

Email marketing

Social media 


I'm very happy with A16 Studios thus far, and even though I've only worked with them for about a month (I hired them the build a five-page E-commerce

website)...I'm very pleased with the results...I will definitely look forward to working with them on more projects.


Floyd Miller

Owner, LVX

  • Why is social media marketing so important?
    Social media marketing is critically important for increasing customer loyalty and brand awareness. It provides an unrivaled platform for improving your brand authority on Google anas well as increasing traffic to your website which helps improve your rankings. Social media can be considered the lifeblood of your digital marketing efforts.
  • How does social media marketing increase sales?
    Social media marketing increases sales by building relationships with your prospects and helping guide them down the sales funnel by giving them engaging content to communicate with your brand. Over 70% of people that have had a positive social media experience are more likely to reccomend your brand.
  • What are the benefits of using social media to advertise?
    Using social media is one of the best and most cost effective ways to reach a local audience. by being able to target specific audiences allows you to narrow down the scope of you ads. People are active on social media up to 25 hours a week, therefore it is very effective for advertising whether you pay for ad space or not. Aslo, people tend to engage with brands that are more active on social media.
  • Which social media network is best for small businesses?
    Owning a small busines may make you feel like you don't have the advertising budget to compete with the larger players in your market but that's the furthest thing from the truth. We say stick to the larger players in social media first which are Facebook, IG, Twitter and/or LinkedIn. For example, if you have a B2B brand then LinkedIn would be the best bang for you buck, if you have an E-Commerce store that specializes in selling female fashion accesories then InstaGram would work really well for you.
  • What do we need to get started on your service?
    We will need to have a 45 minute onboarding call with you to understand more about your business, brand and market. We will also need access to your social media accounts and your WhatsApp number to be in regular contact with any industry movements and opportunities that need immediate actioning.
  • How much do I need to spend on the ads?
    The budget depends on the number of ads you want to run. We recommend starting out with 1-2 ads and spending min. $300 per ad/ month.
  • Can you guarantee conversions?
    No, we can't and any agency that says that they can is lying to you. Results depend on many factors such as your website, your lead magnet but we will help you get the traffic you are after through social media ads.


Take the first step towards growth by booking your FREE 30-Minute Growth Strategy. Give us a call today to speak with one of our experienced experts. Finding an agency who understands your digital needs is hard.
Let our amazing team help you craft your digital strategy today. Start with a free website audit that will help provide insight into how best to pursue your web design project. Growth in traffic and more sales are within reach. You just need to take the first step.

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