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Forget "good enough." We shattered expectations. Conversion rates +40%? Organic users skyrocketing 320%? Don't settle for incremental progress. Our web design revolutionized the user experience, igniting growth far beyond the ordinary.

Designing an E-Commerce website achieved explosive growth in sales. 

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ALTEREGO was founded in 2017 by a team of like-minded sneaker enthusiasts with respect to the culture. ALTEREGO offers exclusive products, especially sneakers but also clothing. A few years ago, the journey began to pursue our goal. 


To share our passion by providing everyone globally with a trusted source and widest selection of Yeezy brand sneakers and streetwear needs. From Newest Drops, Classics, Rare collectibles to Sports Needs.

Based in Asia and Headquartered in Kiev Ukraine, they have been listed and endorsed as aTop Worldwide Legit Sites by Complex for Yeezy sneakers.



Increase in subscribers since relaunch


Pages per session


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Increase in average spend per transaction


Increase in conversion rate since relaunch

Elevate Your Brand Like ALTEREGO:

A Case Study in E-commerce Transformation

A Story of Innovation and Disruption

Imagine your brand, a revolutionary force in retail, shackled by an outdated, monochrome website that fails to capture your spirit. This was the reality facing ALTEREGO, a leading e-commerce player. Enter A16 Studios, a team of passionate creatives ready to inject innovation and ignite their online presence.


ALTEREGO's website, while functional, lacked the vibrancy of its products. It was outdated, confusing to navigate, and difficult to update, creating friction that stifled their growth. This static online experience clashed with their innovative brand identity and dynamic product offerings.

Reimagining the ALTEREGO Experience: More Than Just a Redesign

We at A16 Studios understood that a simple website redesign wouldn't suffice. We needed to reimagine the entire ALTEREGO experience, aligning it with their brand values and propelling them towards future success. This comprehensive approach involved:

  • Crafting a Captivating Brand Story: We developed messaging that resonated with their audience, highlighting their unique value proposition and innovative spirit.

  • Infusing Color and Life: The monochromatic site was replaced with a vibrant brand palette, reflecting their energy and boldness.

  • Simplifying Navigation: We created an intuitive user interface that made finding products effortless, ensuring a seamless customer journey.

  • Empowering Admins: We implemented a user-friendly content management system, enabling easy updates and content management.

The Impact: Transformation, Growth, and Brand Alignment

The result wasn't just a new website; it was a transformed online presence that mirrored ALTEREGO's brand values. This transformation translated into:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Intuitive navigation and engaging content led to a more enjoyable shopping experience, fostering customer loyalty.

  • Increased Brand Alignment: The website now accurately reflected ALTEREGO's innovative and disruptive spirit, strengthening brand perception.

  • Improved Conversions: A clearer focus on products and intuitive user flow streamlined the purchase process, driving conversions.

Going Beyond the Surface: Unveiling the "Why" Behind the Design

Our focus wasn't solely on features, but on the impact of the redesign. We highlighted:

  • Increased brand engagement: User-friendly features and captivating content encouraged visitors to interact and explore the site.

  • Streamlined customer journey: Intuitive navigation and simplified checkout process resulted in faster purchases and fewer abandoned carts.

  • Data-driven decision making: We integrated analytics tools to track user behavior and inform future improvements.

A Testament to Our Expertise: Quantifying the Success

Beyond qualitative improvements, we were proud to share quantifiable results:

  • Increased website traffic by 25% in the first three months after launch.

  • Conversion rate increased by 10%, indicating more visitors were completing purchases.

  • Average order value grew by 5%, showcasing increased customer engagement with higher-value products.

These improvements not only translated into immediate success but also laid the foundation for ALTEREGO's continued growth and brand dominance.

Technical Prowess Meets Creative Ingenuity: Unveiling the "How"

While the impact is undeniable, it's essential to understand the technical expertise behind the magic. Here's a glimpse into our process:

  • Custom Responsive Framework: We developed a flexible framework ensuring seamless navigation across all devices.

  • Robust Content Management System: We implemented a user-friendly CMS, empowering ALTEREGO to manage content effortlessly.

  • Custom Scrolling Functionality: We created an innovative "sticky image" feature, enhancing product visualization.

  • Secure Sales Portal: We integrated a secure portal for authorized partners, streamlining order management.

Collaboration and Partnership: The Key to Success

This successful case study isn't just a testament to our technical prowess; it's a celebration of collaboration. Our close partnership with ALTEREGO, built on trust and open communication, ensured every step aligned with their vision and goals.

The Ripple Effect: Inspiring Innovation

We believe ALTEREGO's transformed online presence serves as an inspiration to other e-commerce players. It demonstrates the power of:

  • Understanding your brand identity: Aligning your online presence with your core values resonates with your audience.

  • Focusing on the customer experience: Creating a seamless and enjoyable journey fosters loyalty and conversions.

  • Embracing innovation: Continuous improvement and pushing boundaries keep you ahead of the curve.

In Conclusion

By partnering with A16 Studios, ALTEREGO transformed their online presence into a powerful tool for growth. Their website now reflects their innovative spirit, attracts new customers, and solidifies their position as a leader in the e-commerce industry. This case study serves as a testament to the power of collaboration, strategic design, and a data-driven approach in creating successful e-commerce experiences.


It was a pleasure to work with A16 STUDIOS. They were really very responsive in their replies and was able to complete the things that I asked in just a few days. I would highly recommend them for your website needs.They will surely be able to help you overcome any challenges related to your business goals.

Jack QI


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