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We increased conversions + 40% and subscribers by 57% & new organic users increased by 320% since website redesign.

Designing an E-Commerce website achieved explosive growth in sales. 

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ALTEREGO was founded in 2017 by a team of like-minded sneaker enthusiasts with respect to the culture. ALTEREGO offers exclusive products, especially sneakers but also clothing. A few years ago, the journey began to pursue our goal. 


To share our passion by providing everyone globally with a trusted source and widest selection of Yeezy brand sneakers and streetwear needs. From Newest Drops, Classics, Rare collectibles to Sports Needs.

Based in Asia and Headquartered in Kiev Ukraine, they have been listed and endorsed as aTop Worldwide Legit Sites by Complex for Yeezy sneakers.



Increase in subscribers since relaunch


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Increase in average spend per transaction


Increase in conversion rate since relaunch


Working with ALTEREGO's existing brand, A16 Studios worked to breathe new life into how the brand looked online. ALTEREGO's website lacked the innovation of its products, was outdated and confusing to navigate.A16 Studios created new messaging, brand direction, concepts, and user interface design.  We found that despite their rapid growth in popularity for being a revolutionist in the industry of retail commerce, ALTEREGO's site design was described as outdated, boring, and unengaging.

The site was not user-friendly, the navigation was confusing, and the design had previously been built on a small and retired grid structure, which played a key role in making the site looked outdated. This content was also extremely difficult for them to update in the CMS without breaking something on the front end of the site. To update the visual appeal of the site, we focused our redesign on adding color, versus its previous monochromatic color scheme of black and white. We also simplified the site navigation and made it easier for site admins to make updates through the CMS.


Providing an exceptional customer experience for ALTEREGO's customers was highly intensive as their original web-flow acted as a block to business growth. In order to scale the business, ALTEREGO needed a solution, and they needed it fast. The result was a transformed look online for a valued brand.


The challenge presented to ALTEREGO was to help present the business in a way that presents the Yeezy brand as high fashion. "The Yeezy team is embedded into the culture – art as well as pop – and are not afraid to play with those codes in their marketing efforts," Quynh Mai, Founder of Moving Image & Content. Our approach during the design phase was to craft a fully functional, yet simplistic website that caters to each of its users while also remaining engaging. We wanted to demonstrate ALTEREGO's with an equally innovative site that reinstates the dominance ALTEREGO has in the industry, all while simply and directly presenting the visitor with what they’re looking for.

Our solution was that we wanted to offer a very visual experience, showing ALTEREGO's Yeezy's products with a very artistic lookbook. In e-commerce Web site design, the understanding of which characteristics can be successfully applied to a website design and the relative value in shaping a consumer’s experience are fundamental in the development of a satisfying website experience.

The client had a very strong brand identity, which we seamlessly implemented into their web presence. We strove to refresh the previously out-of-date site with a clean, modern, and minimalistic look through increased imagery and a crafted flat, brutalist style layout for a fresh and engaging look.


Our development team used best practices for developing the site on a custom responsive framework. The product structure was unique from a typical product catalog site, which introduced a fun challenge to the architecture. The hierarchy contained several additional levels not commonly found: Category > Group > SubGroup > Product Family > SubFamily > Product, which required custom coding to accomplish.


We developed a custom scrolling functionality on the product family page so that the image was sticky while the list of products scrolled beside it. A sales portal was also integrated for their partners that are only available to logged-in users to access order information.


The challenge presented to ALTEREGO was to help present the business in a way that presents the Yeezy brand as high fashion at the same time communicating what the ALTEREGO brand stands for which is standing out. Yeezy on its surface is a high fashion streetwear collection, but more than anything it's one of the best revenge stories of our time. Our solution was to present a very visual experience. Moreover, we wanted the website to be very focused on online shopping, providing a very friendly use online shopping section with an in-depth description of the clothes, prices, and pictures and we think we delivered on that promise. 

After thoroughly assessing, communicating, building and testing, we were proud to deliver a custom fresh and easy-to-navigate website for ALTEREGO. The new simple designs were paired with a robust internal platform that allows admins to easily make updates and visitors to navigate quickly throughout the site, allowing ALTEREGO to offer an enhanced online experience to their visitors.  ALTEREGO now displays an equally powerful online presence that complements its visually appealing design that was innovative and creative to match the ethos of what the Yeezy brand stands for.


It was a pleasure to work with A16 STUDIOS. They were really very responsive in their replies and was able to complete the things that I asked in just a few days. I would highly recommend them for your website needs.They will surely be able to help you overcome any challenges related to your business goals.

Jack QI


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