Why more brands need to think like DONDA

On Jan. 5, 2012, West announced DONDA, a nebulous company named after his late mother, Donda West. The announcement came in the form of a (since deleted) 1,600-word Twitter rant where he vaguely outlined what DONDA would do. The whole annotated thing can be found here thank to our good friends @genius.


Really quickly, take a note of how ideas can turn into dreams and how one man's inspiration can create infinite eco-systems of opportunity and influence. More brands should think like DONDA and not put limits on their ingenuity and how big their brand can truly be. Sure, DONDA's scope seemingly is all over the place from Yachts to Fitness to Hospitality to finding cures for Cancer and HIV. It's the brainchild of Kanye West's ADHD and bi-polarity which he calls a "super power," but to think how much Kanye has accomplished one shouldn't think all of these categories of influence are so far-fetched that DONDA isn't capable of having products or influence in some of these various industries and sectors.

Take Jeff Bezos for example, after he graduated from Princeton he wanted to start a business without having any real business experience. However, he didn't really know how to start, so he took on a series of jobs in corporate America. By the time he was 30, he was successful, making a good salary, receiving a nice bonus and then he walked away from it all and started Amazon. I'm sure people thought he was crazy but $141 billion dollars later he's the world's richest man and Amazon as of right now is the second most valuable company in the USA.

So, take a look at DONDA's organigram, sure, you need to narrow your your focus. You do need to say 'no' to some ideas but you to simply think of all ideas possible and then focus on the ones you can actually turn into a product and that's the one most likely to is going to be your million-dollar baby and the one that really compels you to move forward into the R&D phase. The DONDA organigram is really a great vision board for you to get inspired and take action!

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