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Your Website is Destroying Your Business

Did you know that more than likely your website is killing your business?

If you are frustrated at your website, if it is not getting the sales and customers that you deserve, if you get traffic to your website but that traffic doesn’t convert to buyers – trust me, you are not alone. The best kept secret in business is that many owners dislike their websites. This holds true for small business owners, SME's and Fortune 500 companies which is why marketing execs are always tasking their team to tinker with their website. There's always something going on with the back-end development of the site to make it convert more customers.

They dislike their website because their websites do not give them enough conversion to make them enough money. The sites do not make enough money because in our industry we have all been sold a pipe-dream by the web design industry. The lie is: ‘Build it and the customers will come.’ In other words, the web designers tell you that if you just build a site that looks aesthetically pleasing, with great design, the customers will follow. Nice idea but lacking in it's ability to execute on that idea.

The problem is, as you may have discovered or found out yourselves is that is does not work. It does not work because most of them are opting for form over function. I can show you dozens of great-looking websites from companies that went out of business because they did not do the number one thing that all successful websites must do: they did not convert the visitor to a buyer. They were websites built around the concept of design. Not the concept of conversion.

Many people caused lots of controversy with similar comments over the years about the web design industry. But it is the truth and we can't sugarcoat it. We have seen the lives of business owners destroyed because their websites – the single most important source of online customers for all of us, have not performed to their expectations. Nobody has anything against web designers or the web design community. But they understand "design" but in most cases, understand "conversion" especially with regards to SEO. In all fairness it's really not their fault as most marketers are usually siloed to one specialization such as social media, marketing communications or PPC.

Of course, you want a nicely designed website that looks amazing. But that does not get you more customers. I used to have a similar mentality when designing websites. I thought that the most visually stunning website is what is needed to wo traffic into conversion but after trial and error I realize that is not the case. I started digging through our analytics and was frustrated that the sites I was creating was not getting the job done for the client in terms of more traffic. In many cases the clients were not even dismayed because the website looked great, but we believe in giving people the best value.

So instead, I focused more on conversion versus cool. You need a website that converts visitors to buyers. The person running your online marketing (ideally you) needs to be a world class expert on website conversion. If they are not, they really should at least be able to understand what attributes contribute to successful website conversion. Things such as SEO, social media, PPC and having rich content that spurs users into actions such as pop-ups, CTA button and well placed forms. In the meantime, please understand that the future of your business – your financial future probably depends on your website’s ability to convert.

Have a dub about this: I am assuming you went into business to achieve financial freedom for you and those you care about or to provide people with the best whatever they can buy. If that is the case, that freedom or brand value is obviously only going to come from the money in your business account. That money is going to come from your customers or clients. I think we can all agree that in today’s fast-paced digital world, everyone who becomes a customer is either going to come directly from your website, or they are at least going to check out your website before buying.

So, your website is going to play the key role in ‘converting’ them to a customer. In other words, your website determines how many online customers you will have, which determines your online sales, which determines your business’s financial future. So, it is no exaggeration to say that your website could be destroying your business if it is not being run properly by someone who know what they’re doing.

If you need web development experts that will not only focus on the quality of the design but more importantly the quality of your conversion, please contact us. We not only will work to design a website that accommodates your marketing goals we will also create visibility for your website whether it be via SEO, Google Ad words, social media so your website can create the kind of action to get you the results you really want which is results in the form of more traffic, more reviews, a better company image and more conversions which equals more customers and more sales.

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